“A dead passenger traveled unnoticed for at least half a day on an executive passenger train, an Indonesian newspaper reported Friday.

Anxious family members found the body of Edy Haryanto, 55, sitting in a locked lavatory on Thursday afternoon, more than a day after he had boarded with a group of friends in the central Javanese town of Tegal, the Warta Kota newspaper reported.”

The tragic part of the news apart, the headline does indeed make news. There is something proactive about the dead man as though he is alive and his actions are consciously being thought of. The reporting makes the reader a little confused , to begin with .The comedy is a bit misplaced when the report says that he “travels” unnoticed .”Travels” is a transitive verb indicating active performance of work. The bizarreness of the comedy,if intended, is not in good taste in the context.