Cinnamon Bun Sticks it to Car Thief

“Officer Ed Lulko of Eastpointe, MI made a sticky discovery when recovering a stolen vehicle – a half-eaten cinnamon roll had been left in the car. It would appear that the thief – whose greed for cars was so extreme that he arrived on the scene in one stolen car, smashed the windows out of another car and proceeded to steal it – lost his taste for the sweet roll.

On what would appear to be a whim, in complete contradiction to all we know about police and their love of sweet bready treats, Lulko sent the pastry for analysis at the Michigan State Police crime lab. Then things got interesting.

The crime lab matched DNA traces on the partially eaten cinnamon bun to a convict already serving time for another auto theft – Norman O Wheeler. Wheeler’s DNA was on file owing to his previous conviction – lucky for the police, and local bakers, he’s already behind bars for another car theft.

Wheeler, who could hardly believe his mother was right about bad things coming to those who didn’t finish.”

The story should be filed to “Delicious” .Car thieves should not leave behind half-eaten cinnamon buns which could be used for DNA analysis. The interesting thing is the police ,contrary to their love of the sweet breads ,have sent the pastry for analysis !The irony is truly delicious !