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“Move over American Idol – Cheese is the Next Big Thing

Since December, when West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers first pointed a webcam at a slowly-ripening round of Westcombe cheddar, over a million visitors have stopped by to pay their respects.

Viewers from nearly 120 countries have seen the cheese – it can be seen 24-hours a day, all year long at “The whole idea was to show people how real food is made – and it seems to be working,” commented cheesemaker Tom Calver. “It takes a year for a cheese to mature. This is not fast food. It is slow food.”

Philip Crawford, chair of the West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers Group said, “As you can see we really do take our cheesemaking seriously. We nurture our cows so they produce lovely milk which in turn creates exquisite cheese. Some might say this is the most boring website of 2007, but our cheese is worth waiting for so it’s better than watching paint dry…just.”

For those with limited attention spans, a time-lapse video of the cheese’s progress is available. You can even channel surf, getting a glimpse of the cheesemakers, the cows and the finished products on offer at the West Country Farmhouse online shop.”

This is great fun just like watching the paint dry and the grass grow . We are sure the American public is having a cool time “Saying Cheese ” .In terms of interestingness, cheese should rank next only to the paint watching business but higher than grass watching . They can also find out “who moved my cheese” as their management consultants would urge them to. we suggest the web-cam can also pan the other interesting items of the scene at regular intervals like the happy cow, beautiful milk , hay stacks, etc.

The irony in the report tends to be missed out in a casual reading. The reporter is talking about a web-cam pointed at a bloc of cheese as it ripens .The viewers from 120 countries will continuously watch the cheese ,just as they have watched important road junctions, traffic squares etc. on the web-cam. Cheese is indeed the big thing .We cannot move our eyes away from cheese , the national obsession which is second only to the American idol. The obsession with the trivial and the absurd lengths to which people go towards cultivating icons go hand in hand .Hence the ranking of the cheese obsession immediately after the popular icon of the American Idol. Here the absurdity of the whole thing is apparent from the way web-cam watching has become an obsession with the youth who use the cam for watching the most ridiculous things for hours on end.There is no movement in the web cam images for hours as though one is watching the paint dry.

We love watching our cheese.We love watching the cheese-cake .