Park visitors in Walkersville, MD are being advised to pack a little extra something along with their standard picnic fare – toilet paper.Vandals set light to a men’s bathroom in Walkersville Community Park last week using the paper products on hand. As a result, Town Manager Gloria Long Rollins announced all paper products were being removed from the town’s park restrooms on Monday.

She explained that the measure is part of an effort to combat vandalism, graffiti and drug use in the parks. Paper towels are being replaced with hand dryers, and visitors will need to bring along their own toilet paper.



This information comes hot on the heels of yesterday’s news that
toilet paper is being rationed at a Kansas prison. The Hutchinson
Correctional Facility has recently started enforcing a little-known
regulation that limits inmates to a single roll of toilet paper at a

Inmates are up in arms about the restriction, and some have gone so
far as to write the local paper voicing their concern on hygiene
grounds. As inmate Carl Kennedy wrote, “…in here it’s part of a
safeguard for widespread infections. We use it to blow our noses, clean
sinks, toilets and tables.”

Officials at the facility say inmates won’t go without bog roll, and
need only present an empty roll to get a new one. Also, prison staff
estimate that enforcing their one-roll-at-a-go policy will save a tidy
$600 each month.

All of which begs the question: who’s shorting Charmin shares?

This stuff is hilarious . First the headline :Toilet paper restrictions spread.This man has made it seem like a national crisis .He then talks about the withdrawal of the toilet paper from the rest-rooms of the Walkersville parks .Picnickers are advised to pack a little extra something with their standard fare-the toilet paper. The vandals had set the toilet paper on fire the previous day .To combat vandalism and graffiti visitors have now been advised to bring their own toilet paper.
But this is not all.The crisis is brewing elsewhere too.This time it is in the prison where the prisoners are now being issued only a fixed quota of tissue paper rolls.If you want a new roll you have to produce the old empty roll ! Officials of the prisons say prisoners won’t go without a bog-roll but have only to produce the empty one .

Ask them if they can’t go without a bog-roll,can they make do with a blog-roll?

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