“Charles Tombe, who was forced to pay a dowry of 15,000 Sudanese dinars to the owner of a goat he had sex with and “marry” the animal, is now a widower.

In February 2006, elders in the South Sudan capital Juba forced a man to ‘marry’ a goat as punishment for having sex with the animal while he was drunk. The village elders named the goat Rose, “The idea was to publicly embarrass the man,” said Tom Rhodes, Juba Post editor. Tombe has never commented on the incident.

Rose was something of a celebrity – being the subject of one of the BBC’s most infamous online stories. In South Sudan, a man caught sleeping with a girl would be ordered to marry her immediately to avoid damaging her reputation or the honor of her family. In this case, the South Sudanese elders showed their sense of humor – and Mr Tombe took his goat-bride back to his home in the suburbs.

It seems Rose died after choking on a plastic bag she swallowed during her daily graze around the streets of Juba.

Rose is survived by her husband and one kid – not a human one, mind you.

The goat story is full of irony. The goat is a mute player in the whole drama,merely a helpless animal abused by a decadent human and later,being humanised by the village elders raising its status to a “wife”,plays along mutely till it chokes on the stupid plastics of the humans whose society it had unwittingly entered. The irony works on several levels. First there is a so-called civilised being unnaturally performing sex with an animal, an act which reduces the human to the level of a beast.At the same time ,look at the way in which the civilised society deals with such offenses.It sentences the man to  live a” married”  life with the animal and obviously the animal has no say unlike in human marriages and has to submit to the fellow’s continued abuses now in a legalised way. The episode is indeed humorous if we do not look at the cruelty to the animal.

Rose is survived by her husband and one kid (by her earlier marriage).What an obituary !