Seth’s Blog: He talks about “blogging with emotion” .Seth mentions how  Robert Caro talks about putting a lot of desperation in the biography of Lyndon Johnson .”is there a lot of desperation in the page?”read a note pinned near his typewriter.There must be.Surely there is emotion there.Biographies,for them to be successful,have to boast of being emotional. Why should there be emotion? Because in non-fiction emotion is such a difficult thing and if you manage it you are a successful biographer.It seems Caro has filled page after page with emotion.Not that Caro loves Johnson or hero-worships him as biographers are supposed to.But he hates Johnson and that is a good enough emotion to fill the biography with tons of desperation.

Blogs ? You can fill them with emotion and it is not all that difficult.That is what this blogger says. The reason is that nobody blogs about things they do not care about or feel strongly about.We disagree. We can write page after page of blogs without emotion.Just look at the stuff they call “rantings” and one wonders if the blogger really gives a damn to what he is writing.Like Caro one fills blogs with desperation,another word for “rantings”