“When 18-year-old Marcel Langer ran into difficulties planning a $50,000 jewellery heist, he roped his mom in to help.

“I could not believe it when he said what he was up to,” said Daniela Langer, Marcel’s mother. “I offered to drive him there to keep an eye on him. I was worried about him.”

Before the main event, she took her son to a local shop to stock up on supplies – he instructed his mother not to get fingerprints on the duct tape and rope she purchased for him.

She then admitted to driving her son to the jeweler’s shop, where he met up with two other men. She acted as the look-out while the trio broke in to the shop and stole around $50,000 worth of jewelry.

“I was so worried about what might happen to him that I went along to make sure he would be safe,” she said. No one’s sure who was watching her other four children at the time.

Joerg Weyrath, the shop’s owner should’ve asked someone to look out for him – he was stabbed during the robbery and is still recovering.

The thieves and Mrs Langer were caught when they tripped the shop’s silent alarm during the robbery.”

You see mother is always close at hand to help you in whatever you do. When Marcel Langer needed somebody to for stocking up on the essentials , his mother did all that was needed and later she drove him to the jewellery shop for the final act.See ,mothers are the best people in the world.  If only the shop-keeper’s mother had  kept a watch for him he would not have had this traumatic experience of being stabbed .