The following poem was written on April 1947 by a district officer (British) in Bareilly faced with the prospect of a religious riot. This is how it goes:

“Just listen to the handicaps

I have to labour under, chaps!

Whene’er there’s trouble in the offing

I seem to get attacks of coughing.

If there’s a riot in my area,

Why then I’m sure to get malaria;

And when some Muslim seeks the blood

Of Hindus all because some sod

Has gone and tweaked the old boy’s beaver

I’m sure to get a bout of fever;

And when there’s stabbing in the city

I get such pains in my dicky;

No sooner Night resounds with howls,

I get a gripping in my bowels.”


Look at the various somatic disturbances caused by the riots in the physical being of the district magistrate:

Trouble in the offing           causes coughing

Riot in my area                  causes malaria

Some sod has gone              Causes fever
and tweaked the
old boy’s beaver

stabbing in the city              Causes pain in dicky

Night resounds with
howls                                 Causes gripping in bowels