An interesting piece of news which has recently caught the public attention is the confusing bathroom signs at the MacGuire’s Irish pub which send men to the women’s bathroom and women to the men’s.Now what is the outcry about ? The confusion is deliberate and built into the signs by the owners.If for the past 10 years or so the signs have been there and nobody seemed to mind them why has it suddenly hit the ceiling now ? Of course the Governmental intervention has come only now. All the while the public seems to have been enjoying the confusion as a joke. Jokes are jokes and will the authorities accept such funny institutionalised gaffes and allow a systematic leg-pulling of public by the pub owners.

A very interesting idea that emerges is the debunking that is going on in the background.The pomposity of the governmental regulation is as funny as the confusion of the bathrooms.Neither the bar owners nor the customers seemed to have any objection to the bathroom confusion which was only seen as a funny joke .If the regulatory authorities had a problem it was not the public interest they had in mind but a mere non-compliance of some obscure regulation in the rule-book. Hence the “deal” supposed to have been reached between the bar owner and the authorities in terms of which while the original bathroom doors with their confusing signs will be retained an additional set of flush doors will be installed which will show the signs correctly.