“I saw Washington Shakespeare Company’s Macbeth last night. It was interesting, to say the least. Their concept was to do the entire show in the nude. All nude, the entire time. I have to say. . .the guy playing MacBeth. . .good looking man with a very nice penis, however, whenever he spoke, his right testicle would rise up, and when he stopped talking, it would drop. . making his whole package giggle. It was SO distracting. I couldn’t pay attention to anything else!

Also, as you can imagine in a space with little to no A/C, by the start of Act 2, a general locker room odor was permiating throughout, granted I was in the second row. . .One of the men, REALLY needs to trim as it appeared he did not have a penis at all. I really felt bad for him. And finally, one of the young skinny boys went half mast during one of the scenes, making it all worth it.