“This week, we moved some newsphotos of a new Victoria’s Secret uplift bra, and the question suddenly hit me: what are those darned supermodels doing these days? The year 2007 is half over, and Reuters has had only 32 pictures illustrating their adventures, compared with nearly 200 pictures for 2006!

Of course, 2006 was an exceptional year, what with one of the models winning the Nobel Prize for Undergarments, two of them being elected to the U.S. Senate, and another finding a cure for a tropical disease between beach photo shoots. But all that’s history now.

Victoria’s Secret, you need to pay attention. The U.S. just named a new poet laureate, and it’s not one of your models! Unless one of them announces her presidential candidacy soon, or goes to the space shuttle to unveil “space lace” or some such thing, it’s going to be hard to justify a sudden burst of photo coverage before Christmas. We can’t just cover stuff that isn’t really newsworthy, can we?”