News: A Chinese woman has been fired for contradicting the boss for the third time. The company has a policy of merely fining the employee for the first two times and a third talk-back attracts a sack action.

Supposing you don’t actually contradict the employer in so many words but will effectively do so by doing one of the following things :

1) The employer says that a particular customer should be kept in good humor.You don’t agree but do not say so.You will merely crack a particularly sick joke with the customer concerned and laugh excessively annoying the customer to the point of deciding to leave the company.You have kept the customer in good humor and at the same time you have not contradicted the boss.

2) The boss says that a particularly cantankerous manager is an efficient officer and deserves recognition by way of a pay hike.You don’t agree. You believe that another manager who is related to you from your wife’s side must get the hike as otherwise the consequences could be terrible on your domestic front. But you don’t disagree. You can only gently remind him that the boss’s wife is also a distant relative of your wife and the latter’s views in the matter may have to prevail in the interest of domestic harmony in the boss’ own home. Here you are not contradicting the boss.

3)The boss has his fixed views on a technical issue. You know he is an ass as far these matters go and it is disastrous for the company as well as for your own safety to embark on a course of action being contemplated by the boss.You cannot contradict him because he says that when he had been in such-and -such a place earlier ,that was what they had done and achieved much fame and glory .In such situations the best thing is to merely confuse the boss thoroughly by a reference to the law department which can be trusted to give a legal opinion which passeth all understanding and makes the boss run in circles. This way you are taking care to see that you do not contradict the boss.