Here is a news item in today’s The Hitawada , a newspaper published from Nagpur: “Miracle saves 8-year old

Say it a miracle of God, a 8-year old girl escaped unhurt, while his maternal brother died on the spot and his father received minor injuries when the bicycle riding on which they were going to their home in village Zora, was knocked by an unidentified vehicle near Labhandi on Tuesday morning. ….According to Telibandha police,barring Jitendra who died following fatal head injury,his maternal uncle received minor injuries whereas the 8-year old daughter of injured Rajesh Kumar miraculously escaped unhurt. Identity of girl could not be known as his father was in state of shock. Rajesh is labourer and they were coming home after visiting one of their relatives at Capital when the mishap occurred at around 8 a.m, the police said an offence under section 279,337and 304(A) of Indian Penal Code  has been registered against the unidentified driver.”

(A news item in Hitavada dated the 20 February,2008)

The reader can come to very interesting conclusions .Here are some:

A)    The news report leaves you in doubt that the incident is a miracle wrought by God.

B)    The eight year old girl keeps changing her gender for some inexplicable reason (“his”)

C)    She has a maternal brother who has died in the accident. She must be having a few paternal brothers too.

D)   The bicycle on which they were traveling was knocked (not gently ,we presume) by an unidentified vehicle.

E)    Jeetendra appears to be the one who died receiving fatal head injuries while his maternal uncle received minor injuries .No, no. It was Jeetendra who was the maternal uncle and it was he who died. The reader may please exercise his beans to work that out.

F)     The eight year old daughter of the injured Rajesh Kumar escaped unhurt. We hope they are not springing new surprises on us and it is the same girl as was referred to in the preceding paragraphs.

G)   The identity of the girl could not be established because her father was in a state of shock. We are of course aware that he is a labourer whose name is Rajesh Kumar  and he lives in a village called Zoro. Perhaps detailed DNA tests   which will reveal his genealogy etc. are yet to be carried out to establish who he is.

H)    The police have registered a case against the unidentified driver. They haven’t the foggiest notion of the vehicle which caused the accident and they may as well register a case against the unidentified vehicle .As a matter of abundant precaution they can also register cases under the different provisions of the I.P.C against the deceased maternal uncle.