“A team of Crime branch led by T.I. Satyendra Pandey and his men camped in Bhatpara just to study the patterns of thefts committed by the gang since the onset of February. Their efforts bored fruitful results when they caught hold of the gang members on Wednesday evening.Off the four arrested ,the thieves duo were identified as two real brothers namely Dinesh alias Kondhi (20) and Lakhan alias Chotu(12),sons of Ganesh Sahu , a resident of Bhatapara.Two more persons alleged for purchasing stolen goods from the thieves were given names as Jaleswar Yadav(30) and Santosh Kumar alias Lallu(32). At the instance of the four accused, the CCB sleuths recovered 44 mobile phones,27 chargers,4 DVD players, 3 colors televisions etc etc., etc.,The gang was more notorious than the others….Finally with their arrest, the business community of Bhatpara can breathe a sigh of relief and also the Raipur Police

I love this piece which I have come upon in the Hitavada, a daily published from Nagpur with a local edition for Raipur. We are not talking about the poor English skills evident in the report. What is more interesting is the way in which the report explores the exciting possibilities of using English to describe a uniquely Indian situation by modifying the meaning content of each word .If this is not King’s English, what difference does it make ? Leaving aside the linguistic nuances, the comic possibilities are fascinating.

A) The crime branch officials have been camping at Bhatpara since the onset of February. Interesting use of the word “onset”. As if February is a season. While using the word here, February becomes much more than a month .Imagine the beginning of the hot season, the shortening of the shadows and the fragrant flowering that has begun in the mango trees.

B) off the four accused ,the thieves duo were identified as two real brothers”-Interesting use of the word “duo” which is used here to distinguish the two thieves together as a pair from the gang of four. But what is fascinating is the assertion that the two are in fact “real” brothers, just in case you have any doubt. They are not fake brothers, but genuine siblings. Actually, in the Indian context the word real brother has a different connotation. A real brother is your own brother ,born of the same parents, as distinguished from a “cousin”, who is also loosely referred to as a brother. The kinship ties that exist between two cousins of the family can be appreciated only of one is familiar with the Indian milieu.

C) “The gang was more notorious than the others”-A grammar purist may wince at the idea of the usage of “more notorious than others”. If we can permit the usage “more famous than others” , we can surely permit “more notorious” .If you still believe it is wrong to use “more notorious”, that is your problem.

D)”Finally with their arrest the business community of Bhatpara can breathe a sigh of relief and also the police”-Apparently both the business community and the police are waiting to breathe a sigh of relief and the arrest will now give them an opportunity to breathe one.

E)”At the instance of the four accused, the police recovered 44 mobile phones ,etc., etc., .Apparently the initiative came from the four accused and it is at their instance that the police recovered all that stuff. We must admire the positive thoughts of the accused ,who have gone out of the way to help the police in the recovery of the stolen stuff.